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Bactroban, Mupirocin Ointment

US Brand Name Bactroban Ointment
Generic Name Mupirocin
Other Brand Name Bactroban Ointment
Packing 5g
Manufacturer Liva, GSK
Form Ointment
Strength 2%
Country India

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Bactroban is the brand name medication for the generic Mupirocin ointment USP. It is an bactericide that is employed in the intervention of a skin contagion known as impetigo which is common children. In case of impetigo, localized redness grows into tiny swellings that slowly form into crusts and erode.

Mupirocin blocks the generation of particular proteins that render nutrition to bacteria. This ointment is also applied to heal undersized cuts, scratches or injuries that have got septic. It is simply intended to be applied externally for a brief amount of time, and is chosen over other ointments due to its rapid rate of curing.

Drug Identity

As an antibiotic drug, Bactroban eliminates bacteria that may be producing a contagion in your cut or wound. It comprises the active component Mupirocin. The original developer of this ointment is GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). It is presently available in generic versions too. Bactroban cream is white-colored and supplied in a 5 or 15 gram tube. It can now be purchased worldwide subject to you have got a prescription from your medical practitioner with you.

Drug Uses

Bactroban (Mupirocin) is prescribed for use in numerous medical conditions. We’ll look at some of the conditions below.

A boil is an infection of the skin containing an entire small tubular cavity with the root of a hair and close by skin tissue. It may start as a hurting, pinkish-red, puffed up tubercle that can develop and turn toughened. Bactroban ointment can be applied to reduce puffiness and help white blood cells (WBCs) to eliminate the infection.

Eczema is a generic phrase for inflammatory problems of the skin. It is a persistent skin disease that creates scaly and inflamed rashes and skin irritation. The ointment can come in handy in relieving the irritation and spread of these signs.

Cuts and bruises are lesions marked by scuffs, tears and erosions on the skin that can result in internal an external shedding of blood. Bactroban cream assists in healing and smoothing scratchy regions where skin is ruptured to ward off scarring.

Drug Administration

How frequently and how much Bactroban (Mupirocin) you apply depends upon your physician. It is essential that all individuals cleanse their hands using soap and water, both prior to and subsequent to the ointment is administered to the cut or bruise. This will diminish the risk of a severe infection. Usually, Bactroban is not applied for a period more than 10 days.

Storage Guidelines

Bactroban should be confined to the tube it was supplied in and stored at room temperature. Don't keep it close to a natural source of illumination, as this could elevate the temperature of the medication. You should also keep it out of the reaching of small kids and pets.

Drug Warnings

Bactroban (Mupirocin) can bring about a hypersensitivity reaction in a number of people. Signs of such reactions comprise a skin rash that may feel you to be itchy, difficulty taking a breath or a puffiness on the face or tongue. In addition, Bactroban ointment has not been tried out on pregnant or nursing females so it is better if females in these classes do not make use of it.