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Benzyl Benzoate Lotion

US Brand Name benzyl benzoate
Generic Name benzyl benzoate
Other Brand Name benzyl benzoate
Packing 100ml
Manufacturer Ashwin Fine Chem
Form Lotion
Strength 25% - 27.5%

  • Lotion 100ml 25-27.5% $7.69
Available online
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  • Benzyl Benzoate Lotion
  • Benzyl Benzoate Lotion manufacturer
  • Benzyl Benzoate Lotion, 25% 100ml

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Benzyl Benzoate Lotion is available in the market without any prescription and it is intended for treating lice. The lotion is intended for topical use and contains benzyl alcohol as the active ingredient which is a clear, colorless liquid with a mild aromatic odor. Benzyl alcohol has a molecular formula of C7H8O with a molecular mass of 108.14 g/mol. Benzyl benzoate is used for treating lice and scabies infestations and works by acting upon the nervous system of lice and mites after being absorbed by them.


Benzyl Benzoate Lotion is indicated for treatments patients who are of age 6 months or older than that and are suffering from head lice infestation. By coming in contact with someone who has head lice, head lice infection is acquired and it is very common with preschool and elementary school children and their families.

Mechanism Of Action:

Benzyl alcohol, the active ingredient of Benzyl Benzoate Lotion, closes the respiratory spiracles and causes suffocation to the lice. It causes their death by obstructing the spiracles. The obstruction of the spiracles does not let them to breathe and finally they die out of the respiratory spiracles choke.

Dosage And Administration:

The dosage of Benzyl Benzoate Lotion is dependent on the length of the hair. People with hair length ranging from 0-2 inches should use 4-6 oz, 2-4 inches should use 6-8 oz, 4-8 inches should use 8-12 oz, 8-16inches should use 12-24 oz, 16-22inches should use 24-32 oz and individuals who have hair length more than 22inches should use 32-48 oz.

Benzyl Benzoate Lotion is not associated with any ovicidal activity and is not intended for oral, ophthalmic, or intravaginal use. Because the medicine is available without prescription, you should refer to the instruction dosage on the bottle. But the general instructions would be to apply enough of the lotion on dry hair so that even the scalp and hair get saturated with it and then it should be left out like that for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, carefully rinse your hair with enough water. At an interval of 7 days, you can again repeat the treatment. But while taking the treatment be careful to not to allow the lotion get into your eyes.

Side Effects:

Generally, the lotion has been proved to be safe and has shown no serious symptoms as side effects. But mild and common cases of application site dryness, application site excoriation, paraesthesia, application site dermatitis, excoriation, thermal burn, dandruff, erythema, rash, and skin exfoliation have been brought to notice. In very rare cases, pruritus, erythema, edema or pyoderma and ocular irritation of skin and scalp have been observed as side effects caused due to the use of the topical lotion.

Drug Interaction:

Enough studies about the drug interaction of the topical lotion have not been conducted. So, it is advisable to be careful and any slightest change in your health should be informed to your doctor.

Drug Contraindication:

Individuals who are allergic to the benzyl alcohol or any other component of the lotion are contraindicated from using the lotion.