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calcipotriol Generic

US Brand Name Generic Dovonex
Generic Name Calcipotriol, Calcipotriene
Other Brand Name Daivonex, Calpsor, Pasitrex
Packing 20g, 30g
Manufacturer Leo, Biocon, Sun Pharma
Form Ointment
Strength 50mcg/g (0.005%w/w)
Country India

  • Ointment 20g 0.005% $39.00
Available online
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  • Pasitrex Ointment, Calcipotriol 0.005% box and tube
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  • Calpsor Ointment, Generic Dovonex, Calcipotriol 0.005% 15gm Box Composition
  • Dovonex  Generic, Calcipotriene 0.005% W/W Ointment/Cream 30 gm

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Dovonex is prescribed to help clear up the scaly skin condition known as psoriasis. A synthetic form of vitamin D, it is available in cream and ointment form, and in a liquid for the scalp.


Dovonex is applied to treat the scaly skin condition recognized as psoriasis. This medication is a synthetic form of vitamin D. It is marketed in form of cream and ointment, and in a liquid for the scalp. The generic name of this drug is Calcipotriene.

Dosing Guidelines

To treat psoriasis on the skin, apply a thin layer of the cream or ointment into the affected areas and then gently and absolutely rub. In case of psoriasis on the scalp, you should first comb the hair to remove scaly debris. Then apply the solution and gently and completely rub the scalp into the affected areas. Don't let the cream touch on forehead or unaffected areas of the scalp, the face or near the eyes. It should not be used for any other skin condition for which it has not been approved. Your hands should be washed after each use.

Dovonex Food & Drug Interactions

Keep away from using harsh, irritating or abrasive, cleansers, perfumes, or cosmetics on the treated area. Some medication, in particular other topical medicines, is likely to interact with this topical. Seek advice from your doctor and pharmacist before you start any prescription or over-the-counter medications.

Possible Side Effects of Dovonex

Using this topical may rarely cause serious side effects. Discontinue using Dovonex and contact your doctor if you experience an allergic reaction (such as closing of your throat; shortness of breath; swelling of your lips, face, or tongue; or hives).

Irritation of the skin is also possible after using this, such as itching, redness, peeling burning, swelling, dryness while using this. These side effects sometimes disappear with continued treatment. These side effects may have need of medical treatment. If you observe a change in your skin color, make contact with your doctor.

Instructions to Lessen Adverse Effects

Use of this preparation excessively can cause elevated levels of calcium in the blood. It may show the signs such as nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, and frequent urination. If have applied overdose, seek advice from your doctor without delay. If skin irritation shows improvement, stop using Dovonex and discuss with your doctor right away.

Don't come in excess contact with either natural or artificial sunlight (including tanning booths and sun lamps). If irritation develops in lesions and surrounding areas, put an end to the use of this medicine. The effect of this topical during pregnancy is unknown. So those women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant should tell their doctor about this. It is not identified whether the drug appears in breast milk. Hence, first talk to your health care provider before breastfeeding.

Drug Contraindications

This solution must not be used on the face. Keep away from using this drug if it results in an allergic reaction. It should not be applied in case you have vitamin D toxicity or high levels of calcium in the blood.