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Tibolone Generic

US Brand Name Generic Livial
Generic Name Tibolone
Other Brand Name Tibofem
Packing 28
Manufacturer Cipla
Form Tablet
Strength 2.5 mg
Country India

  • 28 tabs 2.5 mg $27.72
Available online
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  • Tibofem, Generic Livial, Tibolone 2.5 mgTablet (Cipla)
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  • Generic  Livial, Tibolone 2.5 mg Tablet
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Even though a natural phenomenon in lifetime, the majority of females endures displeasing symptoms all through and after menopause, such as sudden short-lived sensation of heat (hot flashes), incapability to sleep, clinical depression, diminished libido or sexual desire, a heightened danger for osteoporosis (bone disease) and dryness of the vagina.

Hormone-replacement therapy or HRT is an effective way of assuaging these signs through the usage of prescription medicines that takes off estrogen or progesterone hormones that lessen in your system after the end of menstrual cycle. In the Great Britain, other regions of Europe and Australia, a usually recommended HRT medication is Livial (generic name Tibolone). Regardless of its effectuality, Livial is not meant for everybody because it poses quite a few dangers for adverse effects and complexities in several users. Cipla also manufactures Tibofem, which is another branded version of Tibolone.

Mechanism of Action

Livial or Tibofem (Tibolone) aids in bringing stability among the female steroid hormones throughout menopause in adult females. When menopause is come across, women many times go through a range of symptoms because of the instability of hormones inside the system. These signs are normally painful and contain hot flashes, sweaty, mood switches, reduced sexual urge and vaginal irritation. Since Tibolone functions to regenerate hormonal balance, the signs of menopause are lessened to an extraordinary extent.

Key Points to Think Over

Livial or Tibofem is exclusively administered to females who have passed through menopause and is not recommended during pregnancy at all owing to the risk of death of fetus or abortion. Smoking simultaneously with Tibolone therapy elevates your danger of stroke or building up blood clots. If you possess a medical record of cancer of the breast, coagulated blood cells, stroke, disease of the heart or blood vessels, liver ailment, migraine headaches or epilepsy (brain disease), your medical practitioner is not expected to suggest Tibolone for you. While receiving Livial or Tibofem, it is imperative to carry out yearly pelvic exams and mammograms (x-ray film of the soft tissue of the breast) to test for cancer.

Less Severe Side Effects

The most familiar side effects of Tibolone are not generally severe in nature. Lots of women encounter side effects of the genital system, including menstrual staining, pain in the breast and emission, itchiness or discomfort while using the medication. Putting on weight and a rise in hair growth are also widespread. Numerous individuals undertaking treatment with Tibolone complain about pain in the abdomen too.

Additional Side Effects

Livial or Tibofem also has the potentiality to bring about some other bothersome or frustrating, but not life-threatening, side effects. Neurological and mental-related adverse effects are lightheadedness, pain in the head, unclear eyesight and depressive disorder. Several females go through side effects of the stomach and intestines, including looseness of the bowels, nausea, constipation and throwing up. Reactions on the skin are likely to happen too, for instance itchiness, skin rash, and chloasma or a tan discoloration of a woman's face. Other potential side effects of Tibolone are fluid retention, puffiness and joint or muscle ache.