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Amorolfine Generic

US Brand Name Loceryl, Loprox; Penlac;
Generic Name Amorolfine (Ciclopirox Olamine)
Other Brand Name AM Laqer, Loceryl
Packing 2.5 ml
Manufacturer Sun Pharma, Galderma India
Form Nail Lacquer
Strength 5%
Country India

  • Nail Lacquer 2.5 ml  5% $14.90
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  • Amorolfine, Loceryl 2.5ml, 5% medicated Nail lacquer, box front presentation
  • AM Laqer, Generic Loceryl, Amorolfine Nail Lacquer
  • AM Laqer, Generic Loceryl, Amorolfine Nail Lacquer
  • AM Laqer, Generic Loceryl, Amorolfine Nail Lacquer
  • AM Laqer, Generic Loceryl,  Amorolfine Box

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Drug description

Loceryl is an antifungal drug that holds amorolfine in the form of hydrochloride. This drug is prescribed in two different forms such as cream and nail lacquer. It treats infections of the nails caused by yeasts, fungi (dermatophytes), and moulds. It is primarily used for treating mild onychomycosis (nail fungus) devoid of nail matrix involvement.

Dosage and Administration

Apply the Loceryl nail lacquer onto the infected nails like nail polish.

Apply it once or twice in a week for up to 6 months to treat nail fungus. Use it everywhere of the affected nail.

Before applying the drug, wipe any left over amounts of the lacquer from previous uses. Allow it to dry for as a minimum three minutes after use.

Use an alcohol swab or nail polish remover to completely clean the contaminated areas of nail and the nail surfaces. Then apply nail lacquer onto to the whole surface of the infected nail with a recyclable applicators supplied. Let it dry for about three minutes.

After use, clean the applicator the same swab and put it back in the bottle. Discard the swab with care. Keep the container firmly closed.

Always rinse your hands after contacting an infected nail. Nail fungus can infect other nails.

Drug Interactions

The effect of simultaneous treatment with Loceryl with other topical medicines is not known. However, you must avoid using nail polish or artificial nails during treatment.

Side Effects

Medications and their potential adverse reactions go hand in hand. Some of the adverse effects that are known to be caused by this medicine consist of erythema, contact dermatitis, pruritus, skin irritation, skin burning sensation.

Since a side effect is declared at this point, it never confirms that everybody using this medication will experience that or any adverse effect. All side effects have not been listed above. To know further about any other probable risks caused by Loceryl, follow the information leaflet supplied with the medication or seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist.


Loceryl is recommended for external use only. Keep away from contact with nose, eyes, ears and mouth. Avoid inhaling it.

Discard the throwaway nail files offered with the medication after application. Make use of a new file for every treatment process. Never employ the nail files used for contaminated nails to file healthy nails, to prevent spread of the infection.

Never use nail polish or artificial nails on the nails being treated with this medication.

If you call for using organic solvents (such as, white spirit or thinners etc) during treatment with this medication, consider using waterproof gloves to guard the medicine on the nails.

Carry on the treatment without break until the infected nail has been entirely healed; or else the infection will reappear. Apply the lacquer on the same day(s) each week and note down the date of use on the box to remember use of the drug. Usually six months is needed to resolve a fingernail disease and nine to twelve months for toenail infectivity.

Check with your doctor every three months during the therapy to confirm the medication is working appropriately.