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Cyproheptadine Generic

US Brand Name Generic Periactin
Generic Name Cyproheptadine
Other Brand Name Ciplactin, APP-UP
Packing 10
Manufacturer Cipla, Intas
Form Tablet
Strength 4 mg
Country India

  • 30 tabs 4 mg $4.20
Available online
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  • App-UP, Generic  Periaction, Cyproheptadine
  • Ciplactin, Generic Periaction 4 Mg,  Cyproheptadine Hcl 4 Mg Tablet
  • Ciplactin, Generic Periaction 4 Mg,  Cyproheptadine Hcl 4 Mg Tablet
  • Ciplactin, Generic Periaction 4 Mg,  Cyproheptadine Hcl 4 Mg Tablet  Packaging
  • Ciplactin, Generic Periaction 4 Mg,  Cyproheptadine Hcl 4 Mg Tablet (Merind Limited)
  • App-UP, Generic  Periaction, Cyproheptadine  box
  • App-UP, Generic  Periaction, Cyproheptadine  Intas manufacturer

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Generic Periaction has the active component; Cyproheptadine HCl which is an antihistaminic and antiserotonergic agent. Its active component is a white to faintly yellowish, crystalline solid, water-soluble. This medication is offered in tablets for oral use. The inactive ingredients in this drug are dibasic calcium phosphate dihydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, polyoxyl (40) stearate, sodium starch glycolate, purified water, and stearic acid.


Generic Periaction is indicated to treat a variety of conditions such as perennial and seasonal allergic rhinitis, cold urticaria, vasomotor rhinitis, dermatographism, mild allergic skin reflections of urticaria and angioedema, and amelioration of allergic reactions to blood or plasma. This medication is also used as treatment for anaphylactic reactions connected to epinephrine and other normal measures.


This drug is contraindicated in newborn or premature infants. This drug also should not be administered to nursing mothers due to the higher risk of antihistamines for infants usually and for newborns and especially premature. Patient with hypersensitivity to cyproheptadine and other medications of similar chemical structure should avoid this drug.

Dosage and Administration

Dosage will be different depending on the needs and the response of the patient.

For pediatric patients from age 2 to 6 years, the usual recommended dose is 2 mg (1/2 tablet) two or three times a day. The dose should not go beyond 12 mg a day. The dose for pediatric patients should be measured based on body weight or body area using about 0.25 mg/kg/day or 8 mg per square meter of body surface (8 mg/m2).

For pediatric patient from Age 7 to 14 years, a usual dose of 4 mg (1 tablet) two or three times a day has been approved. The dose should not surpass 16 mg a day.

Adult patient can start with a dosage of 4 mg (1 tablet) three times a day. The dose ranges from 4 mg to 20 mg a day. The total daily dose for adults should not be more than 0.5 mg/kg/day.

Side Effects

Several adverse reactions caused by Periaction are related to Central Nervous System for e.g. sedation and sleepiness, dizziness, nervousness, irritability, tremor, insomnia, neuritis, convulsions, paresthesias. Some other side effects are excessive perspiration, photosensitivity and urticaria. Some cardiovascular adverse effects are hypotension, extrasystoles, tachycardia, palpitation, anaphylactic shock. This drug also creates some side effects related to digestive system and respiratory aspects.

Drug Interactions

Periaction is specially denied to use with MAO inhibitors that may extend and amplify the anticholinergic effects of antihistamines. Alcohol and other CNS depressants, e.g., hypnotics, tranquilizers, sedatives, and antianxiety agents also cause serious interaction with it.

Warnings and Precautions

Over dosage of antihistamines, mainly in infants and young children, may create hallucinations, convulsions, central nervous system depression, respiratory and death.

Patients should exercise special care while engaging in activities needing mental alertness and motor coordination, for example driving or operating machinery. This drug may cause sedation, dizziness, and hypotension in elderly patients.

Cyproheptadine should be used with caution in patients with increased intraocular pressure, history of bronchial asthma, cardiovascular disease, hyperthyroidism and