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Finasteride Generic

US Brand Name Propecia
Generic Name Finasteride
Other Brand Name Finpecia, F-Pecia, Finax
Packing 10
Manufacturer Cipla, Dr.Reddy's
Form Tablet
Strength 1 mg

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Generic Propecia (Finasteride) to prevent Hair Loss

Propecia (Finasteride) is indicated for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Men between 18 to 41 years of age are being prescribed for cheap Finasteride to treat mild to moderate hair loss on the vertex and the anterior mid-scalp area. However, it is not indicated for use in women and children. Finasteride with the brand name Proscar is indicated to treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) in lower doses and the prostate cancer in higher doses.

Propecia is orally administered in the form of 1mg tablet once a day. It can be taken with or without food. You need to use Propecia daily for 3 months in order to experience any improvement in your condition. The continued use is more important to sustain benefits; otherwise you’ll be quickly reverted to your previous state inside 1 year of leaving the treatment. So, you have to commit yourself for a longer period time in case of Propecia treatment. If using Finasteride doesn’t show any noticeable changes even after 6 months, it will be better to discontinue the medicine.

How to Take Generic Propecia & Cheap Finasteride Properly for Maximum Effect

Propecia (Finasteride), which is supplied in 1mg tablet form, is taken orally with a full glass of water. Three is no food restriction as you can take these pills with or without food. Follow your doctor’s guidelines as far as dosage and treatment period of this medication is concerned. Take generic Propecia daily for 3 months or more to receive any benefits.


Do not continue cheap Finasteride further if you have not derived any positive results out of this treatment for 12 months. The discontinuation of generic Propecia (Finasteride) may lead you to lose the hair you have earned within 1 year of ending the treatment. You must talk to your doctor on this aspect. Keep Propecia at a safe place away from dampness, heat and light.


If you forget to take a dose of generic Propecia (Finasteride), there is nothing to worry about and take the forgotten dose as soon as you recollect. If it is time to have your next dose, it would be better to skip the missed dose and take the medicine at the next determined time schedule. Don’t seek to catch up with lost dose by taking additional pills.