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US Brand Name
Generic Name Levonorgestrel
Other Brand Name I-pill, pill-72, Niel
Packing 1, 2
Manufacturer Piramal, Cipla, Lupin
Form Tablet
Strength 1.5 mg, 0.75 mg
Country India

  • 2 tabs 0.75 mg $3.18
  • 2 tabs 1.5 mg $6.38
Available online
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  • I-pill, Levonorgestrel 1.5 mg Pill (Cipla)
  • Pill 72,  Levonorgestrel 0.75 Mg Pill (Cipla)
  • Levonorgestrel 0.75 mg Tablet and box
  • Levonorgestrel 0.75 mg box
  • Levonorgestrel 0.75 mg data
  • Levonorgestrel 0.75 mg blister information
  • Niel-72,  Levonorgestrel  1.5 Mg Box
  • Niel-72,  Levonorgestrel  1.5 Mg Lupin Manufacturer
  • Niel-72,  Levonorgestrel  1.5 Mg Packaging
  • Niel-72,  Levonorgestrel  1.5 Mg Information Sheet
  • Ipill, Levonorgestrel  1.5mg
  • Ipill, Levonorgestrel  1.5mg blister pack information
  • Ipill, Levonorgestrel  1.5mg box
  • Ipill, Levonorgestrel  1.5mg Piramal Healthcare
  • Ipill, Levonorgestrel  1.5mg tablet

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I-pill (Levonorgestrel) 1.5 mg pill is an emergency contraceptive meant for prevention of pregnancy. For best results, the tablet must be taken within 72 hours of intercourse. This medicine is offered only by prescription for women younger than age 17 years, and presented over the counter for women 17 years and older.

Dosage & Administration

To get good results, take one pill every day at the same time. Don’t miss a dose. There is more chance to get pregnant if regular doses are missed. Besides, if you start the pack late, you can also get pregnant. Instances are there several women feel spotting or light bleeding, or may feel unwell in their stomach during the first 1 to 3 packs of pills. If you feel ailing to your stomach, abstain from discontinuing I-pill as it is a common phenomenon. If it doesn't fade away with time, consult your doctor. If you take 2 pills to make up for missed pills, you could also feel a little ailing to your stomach. Settle on what time of day you wish to take your medication.

If you feel vomiting (within 4 hours after you take your pill), you should follow the instructions for what to do if you miss pills. Your pills may not work as well in case you have diarrhea or if you take some medicines, including some antibiotics. In case you miss pills, you can use a backing non-hormonal method (for example condoms or spermicide) until you discus with your doctor.

Potential Side Effects

Use of I-pill (Levonorgestrel) contraceptive may lead to may unwanted side effects such as gastrointestinal disorders, general disorders and administration site conditions, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, nervous system disorders, fatigue, headache, dizziness, dysmenorrhea, reproductive system and breast disorder, irregular menstruation, oligomenorrhea, pelvic pain, pancreatitis, porphyria, systemic lupus erythematosus.

Drug Contraindications

Women who have any of the following conditions should abstain from taking I-pill: hypersensitivity to any of the components of the drug, hepatic adenomas or carcinomas, or active liver disease, known or suspected pregnancy, cholestatic jaundice of pregnancy or jaundice with prior pill use, uncontrolled hypertension, undiagnosed abnormal genital bleeding, or diabetes with vascular involvement.

These tablets can’t also be recommended for women having thrombophlebitis or thromboembolic disorders, headaches with focal neurological symptoms, past record of deep-vein thrombophlebitis or thromboembolic disorders, major surgery with prolonged immobilization, cerebrovascular or coronary artery disease (current or past history), thrombogenic rhythm disorders, valvular heart disease with thrombogenic complications, hereditary or acquired thrombophilias, known or suspected carcinoma of the breast or personal past record of breast cancer.

Drug Overdose

No specific remedy is there for I-pill overdose and further treatment of overdose, if necessary, is carried out seeing the symptoms.

Drug Warnings

Smoking of cigarettes increases the possibility of serious cardiovascular side effects from oral-contraceptive use. Those women who use contraceptives like I-pill (Levonorgestrel) must avoid smoking. Your next period is supposed to start within the next month. It may come a few days early or late. If you don’t find your period by your expected time, get a pregnancy test.