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Nitroglycerin Ointment

US Brand Name Minitran; Nitrek; Nitro-Bid; Nitro-Derm; Nitro-Dur; Nitro-Time; Nitrodisc; Nitrogard; Nitrolingual; NitroQuick; Nitrostat; NitroTab; Transderm-Nitro; Transdermal-NTG;
Generic Name Glicerin-trinitrĂ¡t; Glicerolio trinitratas; Glonoin; Glycerol-trinitrĂ¡t; Glyceroli Trinitras; Glyceroli Trinitratis; Glyceryltrinitrat; Glyseryylitrinitraatti; NTG; Nitroglicerina; Nitroglycerin; Nitroglycerol; Trinitrin; Trinitroglycerin
Other Brand Name Nitrogesic Ointment
Manufacturer Troikaa
Packing 30g
Form Ointment
Strength 0.02

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  • Nitrogesic, Nitroglycerin 0.2% 30 gm Ointment - Troikaa
  • Nitogesic, Nitroglycerin 0.2% 30 gm Ointment
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Generic Myovin Oint. or Nitrogesic ointment belongs to a group of drugs called nitrates. It broadens blood vessels for easier blood flow through them and so that the heart will pump easily. This medication is used to check attacks of chest pain (angina), induction of intraoperative hypotension, pulmonary hypertension, preoperative hypertension (especially during cardiovascular surgery). Nitroglycerine is the active ingredient in this medication.

Dosage & Administration

This topical should be used exactly as it was recommended for you. You should not use it in larger amounts, or for longer than recommended by your doctor. Go through the instructions on your prescription label.

This medication should not be used to treat an angina attack that has already started. You may be recommended an oral form of Nitroglycerine (tablet, capsule, or spray) by doctor to treat an angina attack.

Apply Myovin ointment 3 or 4 times daily. It may require washing off the ointment at a certain time each day. You should cleanse your hands after applying nitroglycerin ointment. Do not discontinue using this medication without your doctor's advice, even if you feel better. Otherwise it may increase your chance of angina attacks.

Side Effects

Myovin or Nitrogesic ointment may lead to many side effects. Side effects that need immediate medical help are blurred vision, skin rash, dry mouth, sweating, unusually weak or tired and feeling of extreme pressure in the head. There are also some less severe side effects such as nausea, flushing of the face or neck, vomiting, headache and irregular heartbeat, palpitations. It may also cause other adverse effects not listed here.

Drug Interactions

Myovin ointment may cause increased or decreased effects if taken with drugs such as: alteplase, heparin, aspirin, medicines for high blood pressure, other medicines used to treat angina, medicines for mental depression, phenothiazines like chlorpromazine, prochlorperazine, mesoridazine, thioridazine etc. This drug also should be avoided with certain migraine medicines like ergotamine and dihydroergotamine (DHE), erectile dysfunction drugs like sildenafil, vardenafil and tadalafil. Ask your doctor about other drugs that may interact with this drug.

Drug Contraindications

Nitroglycerine is contraindicated for those who have hypersensitivity to organic nitrates; nitroglycerin, isosorbide, or any component of the drug. It should not be applied for patients having angle-closure glaucoma; severe anemia; head trauma or cerebral hemorrhage; allergy to adhesive (transdermal product). Myovin ointment should be avoided in uncorrected hypovolemia; hypotension; inadequate cerebral circulation; pericardial tamponade and constrictive pericarditis.

Drug Precautions to Take Before Using

The patient must inform his health care provider if he has any of serious medical conditions such as liver disease, anemia, recent stroke, breast-feeding, head injury, or bleeding in the brain, previous heart attack, and allergic reaction to nitroglycerin.

Precautions While Using the Drug

This topical should not be used on irritated or broken skin. It can cause thinking impairment or reactions. Use caution when you drive or do anything that requires alertness. Don't take alcohol. Tell your health care provider if you feel your medicine is no longer working.

Always keep this medication with you. Sit or lie down when you use your medication. If you experience dizzy, lie down slowly. Stay away from treating yourself for coughs, colds, or pain while you are taking this medication without seeking health care provider's advice.