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Prothiaden, Dosulepin

US Brand Name Prothiaden
Generic Name Dosulepin (Dothiepin)
Other Brand Name Prothiaden
Packing 10
Manufacturer Abbott
Form Tablet
Strength 25 mg, 50 mg, 75 mg
Country India

  • 30 tabs 25 mg $8.70
  • 30 tabs 50 mg $14.70
  • 30 tabs 75 mg $20.70
Available online
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Prothiaden is a brand name medication that is also traded under the generic name Dothiepin. It is a medicinal drug employed for the treatment of patients affected by clinical depression. Similar to other prescription medications, Prothiaden may produce several side effects contingent upon the dosage size and the specific person.

Know Your Medication

Prothiaden (Dothiepin) can be taken only when prescribed by a qualified medical professional. It is categorized as a tricyclic antidepressant drug. It acts in a specific manner by having an effect upon distinct chemical substances in the brain that have got imbalanced. Prothiaden blocks the reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine and therefore providing greater amounts of those substances to act upon sense organs in the brain. In acting so, the medication relieves mood and the signs of depressive disorder.

Dosage & Administration

It is always advisable to take Prothiaden 25 mg tablets in accordance with your physician's instructions. Never modify the prescribed quantity or length of use without consulting your physician. Dothiepin may be administered with or without meals, but must be administered by mouth with a full (8 ounce) glass of water. You can receive these pills together with food if you feel indigestion. Keep the medication at normal room temperature. Protect it from direct sunlight and dampness.

Less Harmful Side Effects

The application of Prothiaden tablets may result in the happening of the following adverse effects: uncharacteristic dryness of the mouth resulting due to reduced release of saliva (xerostomia), eyesight changes, modest wakefulness, headache, lightheadedness, common powerlessness, tiredness, anxiety and abnormal excretion of sweat. Although less harmful than others, get in touch with your healthcare provider without delay if any of these adverse effects grow worse or remain as they are for a prolonged time period.

Dangerous Side Effects

Dangerous or life-threatening side effects arising from the administration of Prothiaden (Dothiepin) may comprise paranoia (mental disarray portrayed by hallucinations of maltreatment or magnificence), tremblings, high blood pressure, uneven and occasional or not easy emptying of the bowels, bone marrow troubles, heart or liver ailments, and life-threatening hypersensitivity reaction.

Serious allergic reactions are indicated by puffing up of the face or pharynx as well as terrible skin soreness and rash. These side effects must be notified to your medical professional without more ado. Do not be uncertain to look for urgent medical care if any of these side effects turn out to be more and more irritating.

Drug Warnings

As Prothiaden may bring about lightheadedness, be certain to observe excessive cautiousness when trying to drive or run weighty machines. Stay away from consuming alcoholic beverages with the intention of avoiding the deterioration of specific side effects. By no means, discontinue the use of drug abruptly without first conferring with your physician. The application of Dothiepin in combination with other medications that elicit serotonin action may add to the risk for some particular side effects. Ensure that you become aware of the comprehensive list of potential drug interactions before using Prothiaden on a regular basis.