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Relispray Herbal Spray

US Brand Name Relispray Herbal Spray
Generic Name Wintergreen Oil/ Karpura/ Nilgiri Ka Tel/ Pudine Ka Phool/ Lavang Ka Tel
Other Brand Name Relispray Herbal Spray
Packing 36g, 75g
Manufacturer MidasCare Pharma
Form Spray
Country India

  • Spray 36g $6.90
  • Spray 75g $12.90
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  • Relispray Herbal Spray

Generic Relispray is an herbal medicine for quick pain relief. The formulation gives rubifacient analgesic anti-inflammatory factors accessible in micro fine particles piercing the epidermal layer of the skin with the force of a spray.

Its ground-breaking aerosol formulation penetrates fast. The natural goodness of clove oil, camphor, and menthol works with other pain relieving constituents to give you rapid and absolute relief.


Generic Relispray is indicated to treat backache, muscle strain or sprains and joint pain.

The aerosol formulations in this drug give high efficacy, quick relief, and convenience of application, higher safety, stable formulation and no contamination.

Drug Interaction

Relispray should not be used with some medicines. Tell your health care professional before using it with any other medicines, particularly any of the following: anticoagulants (eg, warfarin) because it may increase the risk of stomach bleeding. Probenecid is also contraindicated with this pain relief medication since it may enhance the possibility of side effects of this spray. Other medications that should be avoided with this drug are lithium, Cyclosporine, quinolones (eg, ciprofloxacin) or methotrexate because the risk of their side effects may be greater than before by using Relispray.

Aside from the above drugs listed above, other medications may also cause serious drug interaction. For more information on the other drugs that can cause interaction with this spray, ask your physician.

Side Effects

Usually this spray is an herbal product. Therefore it causes no harsh adverse effects. However some common side effects may appear by using Relispray spray. These are allergic reactions like rash; hives; tightness in the chest; skin redness; signs of infection (eg, swollen, oozing, or blistered skin); skin irritation.

Other minor adverse effects may also appear. If you have any queries about side effects, contact your health care professional.


Relispray Spray is for outside use only. Avoid its contact with your eyes, lips, mouth, ears, or genital area. If it comes in contact with any of these areas, clean immediately with cool water.

Avoid using a heating pad after you apply this medicine.

Avoid using more than the suggested dose or more often than recommended without consulting with your physician.

This pain relief drug should not be used with other topical pain products. Never use it over large areas of the body without talking to your doctor.

Avoid the contact of this spray with clothing or any surface other than skin. If your symptoms do not improve and if they get worse, consult with your doctor.

This drug may have harmful effects if it is swallowed. Call your doctor if you might have consumed this drug.

Relispray being totally herbal and being applied only on skin gets causes no systemic adverse effects thus is possibly the safest product during pregnancy for backache.

This drug can be used in arthritis since it does not enter into blood and so do not causes harm to liver or kidney or any other internal organ. It can be used in joint pain due to old age.