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Pitocin Injection, Oxytocin

US Brand Name Pitocin Injection
Generic Name Oxytocin
Other Brand Name Pitocin
Packing 10 x 0.5ml
Manufacturer Pfizer
Form Amp, Injection
Strength 5IU/0.5ml
Country India

  • 10 ampoules x 0.5 ml 5IU/0.5ml $27.90
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Pitocin (Oxytocin injection, USP) is a disinfected and colorless aqueous solution of synthetic oxytocin. Its active component, oxytocin is a nonapeptide, and a mammalian hormone that operates chiefly as a neurotransmitter in the brain. It may hold up to 16% of total impurities. It is prepared synthetically to keep away from possible contamination with vasopressin (ADH) and other small polypeptides by biologic action.

Drug Indications

Pitocin is used for the beginning or development of uterine contractions, where needed due to fetal or maternal concern, to attain vaginal delivery. It helps in induction of labor in patients with medical conditions such as Rh problems, preeclampsia and maternal diabetes at or near term, when membranes are in advance shattered and delivery is needed. This drug is also applied to stimulate or support labor, as in certain cases of uterine inertia. It is used again as added treatment to manage incomplete or inevitable abortion.


Pitocin injection is contraindicated in patients who have allergy to any ingredient in it. It also should not be applied in patients whose birth canal is too small than the fetus's head. This drug is contraindicated in people with problem in vaginal delivery due to certain conditions (e.g., cervical cancer and genital herpes). If the fetus is not in a good position within the womb and delivery is not progressing. It should not be used in patient having bacteria in the blood

Drug Administration

Pitocin must be used as instructed by your doctor. Go through the label on the drug for exact dosing information. This injection is usually given as an infusion at doctor's hospital, office, or clinic. You must not use the vial if it contains particles or is discolored, or if it is fractured or damaged.

You should not use again syringes, needles, or other materials and dispose them properly after use. If you happen to miss any dosage, consult with your doctor without ado.

Drug Interactions

Some drugs may cause interaction with Pitocin. You must notify your health care professional if you are taking any other drugs, in particular droxidopa since it may cause side effects due to Pitocin, that possibly cause high blood pressure. You should know about other drugs that should be avoided if used with it. Take the help of your health care professional to know about them. Seek advice from your doctor before you stop, start, or change the dose of any drug.

Side Effects

Side effects are common with any drugs. This drug has led to some minor side effects. The most common side effects caused by this drug are vomiting; nausea; more intense or abrupt contractions of the uterus. Consult your doctor if any of these harsh side effects arise: ruptured uterus, difficulty breathing; blood clotting problems; tightness in the chest; changes in heart rate; irregular heartbeat; heavy or continued bleeding after childbirth; pooling of blood in the pelvis. In fetus it may cause bleeding in the eye; seizures; irregular heartbeat; and slow heartbeat.


Before using Pitocin, it is vital that a patient should let his doctor know if she is breast-feeding, has a cesarean section or have a history of difficult labor or uterine surgery, has allergies to medicines, foods, or other substances. If she is taking any prescribed or non-prescribed drug, herbal preparation, or dietary supplement or has labor complications, traumatic delivery, severe vaginal bleeding, or placenta previa. All patients using this drug should be under continuous observation by trained persons.